Career and subject choice assessments

Many children and adolescents struggle to choose the correct subjects and career choices. It can be challenging for a young person to know what they want to do for the rest of their life. Children are required to choose subjects in grade 10 which will pave the path for their careers. Choosing the wrong subjects and career path can prove to be quite costly. To make sure your children get on the right career path, Tanya provides career assessments and subject choice assessments to children and adolescents.

Career assessments are tools used by Educational Psychologists to gather information to be used in the career planning process.

Tanya's career assessments and tests find the optimum balance between personality, interest, aptitude and cognitive levels. Her career guidance process is based on sound research, ensuring a high level of successful prediction.

Tanya's standard career assessment and subject choice assessment includes:

  • A combination of psychometric tests, including personality test, interest test, aptitude test and a Cognitive Applied IQ test
  • An interview with Tanya
  • Guidance on which tertiary institutions to choose
  • Recommendations on subject choices and career paths

If your child needs help finding the right career path, contact Educational Psychologist Tanya van der Walt today.