Narrative and solution-focused therapy

Tanya uses Narrative and Solution-focused therapy in conjunction with other therapy methods such as Play Therapy, Creative Expressive Arts Therapy and Hypnosis.

Narrative therapy and solution-focused therapy are forms of therapy that separates the individual from the problem. It allows the individual to externalise their issues rather than internalise them, through the use of storytelling.

This type of therapy highlights your own ability to solve problems, rather than look at why the problem exists. Narrative and solution-focused therapy takes the approach that you already know what you need to do to improve your own life and, with guidance, you are capable of uncovering the best solutions.

Therapy assumes that the solution to a problem is more clear when one takes the necessary steps to manage the problem. Based on the theory that all individuals are at least somewhat motivated to find solutions, therapy first looks at what you are currently doing to initiate lifestyle and behavioural changes.

During therapy, Tanya looks at the skills you have to change your own life. She guides you to separate yourself from your problems. This allows you to externalise your problems, allowing you to understand them better. By turning the problem into a story, you will become less defensive, making exploration of the problem and the possible solutions less intimidating.

The benefits of Narrative and Solution-focused therapy

  • Creates greater self-awareness
  • Creates personal responsibility
  • Teaches problem-solving skills
  • Excellent therapy for addressing grief and bereavement
  • Empowers you (you solve your own challenges)
  • Helps you set life goals
  • You will focus on your strengths