Psycho-educational assessments

What is a psycho-educational assessment?

A psycho-educational assessment determines whether your child has a learning disability or any other issues that hinder their ability to learn. It assesses your child’s cognitive (i.e. intellectual) abilities, academic achievement levels, information processing abilities, and general emotional and behavioural issues. These evaluations usually measure emotional/behavioural functioning and their impact on the child’s academic success.

What to expect in a psycho-educational assessment

As a licensed educational psychologist, Tanya is trained to conduct psycho-educational assessments. Assessments will include interviewing the child, family members, and teachers. 

After you complete the formal assessment, Tanya will conduct a feedback session that provides you with information about the results, diagnoses and specific recommendations to improve your child's functioning and overall well-being.

Does my child need a psycho-educational Assessment?

If your child struggles with certain subjects or tasks, an educational assessment can provide some answers. Alternatively, you may want to learn how to help your children improve their performance in school. Psycho-educational assessments provide you with very specific recommendations to enhance your child’s academic achievements.