Creative Expressive Arts therapy (CEAT)

Art is a powerful outlet. It allows children to express their thoughts and feelings without having to put them in words. It's no wonder that expressive arts therapy has become popular, particularly for children.

In creative expressive arts therapy, children use multiple senses to explore their inner and outer world through the creation of different art forms. These art forms include dance, writing, visual arts, drawing, painting, drama, and music.

Tanya helps children communicate their feelings about the process and accomplishment of art-making. Throughout the process, children learn new and different ways to use the language of creativity to communicate their feelings. Many children find it easier to communicate nonverbally, as opposed to communicating with words.

Generally, Tanya's creative expressive art therapy sessions take place as individual sessions. The activities in creative expressive arts therapy teach children how to work together and accept responsibility for how their actions affect others.

The benefits of Creative Expressive Arts Therapy (CEAT)

  • Enhances social development by providing support without judgement 
  • Has a positive impact on a child's cognitive functions 
  • Can help children develop and understand their feelings. 
  • Some forms of art can enhance motor skills, hand-eye coordination and muscle development
  • Helps children deal with anxiety and trauma

Incorporating art into your child’s life can be quite valuable, particularly if they have a problem expressing feelings positively. 

Contact Tanya, a qualified Educational Psychologist, to find out if expressive arts therapy can improve your child's development.